Welcome To Highland 4×4 Response

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement
We are continually monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak and its impact right across the North Of Scotland, including how we can safely support our local communities whilst working within government issued guidelines.
Our Committee is reviewing practices as necessary daily and, as an organization, we will continue to remain operational where safely possible.
We would like to reassure both our user groups and the public that we are taking every reasonable measure to minimize and eliminate risks whilst fulfilling any tasks or duties asked of us.
Highland 4×4 Response

About Us

Although not an emergency or rescue service Highland 4×4 Response is a Highland based charity, which exists primarily to provide
logistical support to the Emergency Services and Public Resilience Organisations in times of need. We receive no outside financial support, save for occasional fuel reimbursement.

We have trained Responders with suitably equipped 4×4 vehicles who are able to respond 24/7/365 whatever the weather to provide logistical support as required by our User Bodies due to terrain, weather or other specific need.

Highland 4×4 Response has formal Memorandum of Understanding with Police Scotland and NHS Highland in the Public Sector and Highland Fuels in the Private Sector.
All our Responders are vetted by Police Scotland and have also undertaken adult Support and Protection Training, provided by NHS Highland. Responders are also trained in First Aid as a self sufficiency measure, we do not offer First Aid as a service.

The group will shortly be added to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Community Asset Register, increasing the capability of the group to provide assistance to others.
We have a team of Responders spread across the Highlands in the area encompassed by the Highland Council; an area of some 11000 square miles, or an area slightly larger than Belgium!
All our Responders use their own vehicles and are well trained and regularly exercised in driving techniques – we are fortunate to have a number of Senior Advanced Drivers and Instructor/Observers within the group who maintain the high standards we expect, and we encourage our Responders to undertake the Institute of Advanced Motorists advanced driving test. We also have an off road driving programme in which we aim to ensure all our Responders are trained to the LANTRA off road driving standard as a minimum during our regular training days where we hone our skills in the various techniques required.



If you require emergency assistance please call 999 and use the options to select the emergency service you require.

If its recovery you require please call our sponsor Ross’s Garage on 01463 794888